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Animal Healing and Pet Sitting

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We love all animals, no matter what - scary or cute, and we are here to offer something really special to the lives of your animals and to you.


Animals have emotions too just as people do.  Our pets can feel anxious, scared, frustrated or irritable for all sorts of reasons, so whether your pet has troubles, is poorly or simply deserves a bit of pampering and relaxation please contact us. 

I am qualified and insured as an Holistic Animal Care Practitioner, and have qualifications in animal care, pet sitting, animal behaviour and complementary therapies for pets and their guardians, and a Diploma in Animal Healing with the Healing Animals Organisation.


With all of our friends Allsorts of Paws can offer advice on caring for your companion animals - environment and housing, behaviour, and diet and nutrition needs.  We can provide a holistic pet care service and support to your animal and to you - it's all about natural care.


Our Pet Sitting service is unique, providing very special companion animal care when you can’t be there.

Please note though that Natural Healing is a complementary therapy, not alternative, and does not take the place of veterinary advice or treatment.  Animal Healers work alongside the vets and if your pet does have an ailment which you have not told your vet about, you would need to consultant your vet before any animal healer would be allowed to practice.


             I hope that you enjoy your visit


                             Joanne Bell


  Allsorts of Paws

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